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The Stidham family
 Brad and Teresa met in middle school and they began dating in the ninth grade. They married in Brad’s senior year Aug. 31, 1991.
 They took up residence in Alturas, just outside of Bartow, and started their family. They now have two wonderful children Justin and Madison. 
They all have a love for the country life and spend time hunting and fishing. This love for country living made it an easy move when the Lord called them to Myakka City to pastor the Church of God. 
 Before coming to Myakka City the Stidham family attended the Bowling green Church of God for approximately twelve years. 
 Many call Myakka City a small town, but the town sure has a big heart. The Lord sure has blessed the church and our family. We are thankful to the congregation for allowing us to be the Pastors of this great church. 
We have a wonderful church and would like to extend an invitation to those who may be looking for a church in our area, or if you’re passing through our area on vacation we would like to invite you to join us for service.




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